China jettisons underdog tag to become space force


 Andrew MullenDeputy Editor, Political Economy 25 June 2022

Dear Global Impact Readers, 

Space, they say, is the final frontier. But how far does that frontier go and what’s out there? 

China, has in recent years, accelerated all things space as part of its busy science programme we recapped a few weeks ago, from landing a rover on Mars to nearing completion of its Tiangong space station.

In this issue, the SCMP’Stephen Chen, the news editor for science with our China desk, is back to look at China’s exploits and gaze into what the future holds for its ambitious space programme.  Tiếp tục đọc “China jettisons underdog tag to become space force”

Monkeypox and the gay community

The New York Times newsletter

This weekend marks the end of Pride month, as cities across the country host events to celebrate the L.G.B.T.Q. community.
It is also a fraught moment in public health: A global outbreak of monkeypox is causing concern, with many of the cases clustered around men who have sex with men.
Experts are now trying to strike a delicate balance, warning people who may be at higher risk, without stigmatizing a community that has often been scapegoated for health scares in the past.

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