Southeast Asians sticking with China on Taiwan: survey

asiatimesDemocracy Perception Index survey shows most Southeast Asians would not support cutting economic ties with China if it invades Taiwan

By DAVID HUTTJUNE 1, 2022Print

Military helicopters carrying large Taiwan flags do a flyby rehearsal on October 5, 2021, ahead of National Day celebrations amid escalating tensions between Taipei and Beijing. Photo: AFP / Ceng Shou Yi / NurPhoto

A recent Democracy Perception Index survey of worldwide public opinion found that a majority of Southeast Asians would not support their governments cutting economic ties with China if Beijing launched an invasion of Taiwan. 

The same report found that only Singaporeans, from the six Southeast Asian countries surveyed, favored cutting economic ties with Russia because of its invasion of Ukraine in February. Indonesians and Vietnamese were two of the three nationalities who believed most strongly that ties with Russia should be maintained.  

The Democracy Perception Index 2022 survey, published this month by Latana and the Alliance of Democracies Foundation, asked respondents: “If China started a military invasion of Taiwan, do you think your country should cut economic ties with China?” 

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SEA Games 31: Kỷ lục HCV nhưng thiếu chiều sâu

HUY ĐĂNG 31/5/2022 6:00 GMT+7

Trong buổi họp báo tổng kết SEA Games 31, trưởng đoàn thể thao Việt Nam Trần Đức Phấn thừa nhận Việt Nam tuy giành đến 205 HCV ở kỳ SEA Games này, nhưng đến Asiad thì mục tiêu chỉ là… 3 HCV!

Ông Phấn còn khẳng định với những môn quan trọng như điền kinh hay bơi lội, khả năng giành huy chương ở Olympic trong 20 năm tới là bất khả thi.

 Tiến Minh 39 tuổi vẫn còn phải chiến đấu khi phía sau là khoảng trống mênh mang.  -Ảnh: Ngô Trần Hải An

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Vietnam Emergy Outlook Report 2021

Nguyen hoang LinhTran Hong VietLoui AlgrenStefan PetrovićJørgen Søndergård HvidTabea Louisa JaenickeKristian Mehl

Viet Nam Energy Outlook Report 2021 is a publication prepared by the Electricity and Renewable Energy Authority in Viet Nam (EREA) under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) together with the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) and supported by the Danish Embassy in Ha Noi. Institute of Energy, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Electric Power University, Ea Energy Analyses, Energy Modelling Lab and E4SMA has contributed to the work incl. operating the models.

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