Gang rule in Haiti: kidnappings, no fuel, no power, no food.

Plain English Version – October 28, 2021

A woman shouting during an anti-government protest. Photo Credit: AP Rodrigo Abd.

In Haiti, gangs block ports. Fuel shipments cannot get through. Hospitals are shutting down. Cellphones are losing power. Hunger is growing.

In recent months, assassins killed the president. An earthquake shook a part of the country. The nation is on the brink of collapse.

Gangs now rule about half the capital of Haiti. Workers are afraid to drive their fuel trucks. A gang kidnapped missionaries. It is demanding a ransom of $1 million for each of the seventeen captives. The police know where the hostages are. But the police can’t enter the neighborhood because the gangs outgun them.

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In Mexico, It is the unions against the workers

Plain English Version – February 3, 2022

The General Motors facility in Silao, Mexico. Photo Credit: Luis Antonio Rojas for The New York Times.

Unions make life better for workers. That is the idea. But what if the unions are corrupt? What if union leadership works for the benefit of employers? That is the reality for labor in Mexico.

Mexico has big factories. It is a rich country in Latin America. Yet its workers still earn low wages compared to other countries in the region.

The unions in Mexico are the reason. Big unions are closely allied with politicians and employers. They have kept wages low. They have made it hard to organize new unions. Their leaders have wealth and power. There is suspicion of corruption.

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The war comes to Asia

nikkeiFrom refugees to sanctions, Asian countries are being forced to pick sides in the Russia-Ukraine war.

Nikkei staff writers – March 18, 2022 11:43 JST

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