China’s Digital Silk Road and the Global Digital Order

China’s Digital Silk Road is an ambitious vision to catalyze global digitalization. What will it mean for digital governance?

By Richard Ghiasy and Rajeshwari Krishnamurthy – April 13, 2021   

China’s Digital Silk Road (DSR) was launched in 2015 as a component of Beijing’s vast vision for global connectivity, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Like the BRI, the DSR is not monolithic and involves many actors at all levels across the Chinese public and private sectors. It is amorphous and the line between official and unofficial DSR projects is often blurry. Comprehensive data on DSR investments is difficult to come by. According to one estimate, by 2018, DSR-related investments in digital infrastructure projects outside of China had reached $79 billion.

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Solutions coming thick and fast for draft PDP

21/01/2022    09:51 GMT+7

According to a report published by the World Bank, Vietnam can develop 5-10GW of offshore wind power by 2030, generating about $60 billion in added value.

The policymakers of the latest draft of Vietnam’s mammoth Power Development Plan VIII see themselves confronted with additional wind and solar demand, as well as the scrutiny of a deputy prime minister, requiring the Ministry of Industry and Trade to remedy issues to meet the national goals of energy security and net zero emissions by 2050.

Solutions coming thick and fast for draft PDP
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