Faithful dog guards his master’s grave for 3 years

22/11/2020    09:50 GMT+7

A black dog in the southern province of Long An has become famous after a heartbreaking story was recently shared on social networks.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ut, 58, from Hamlet 1, Tan Thanh commune, Tan Thanh district, Long An province, said her family began raising a black dog named Muc (Black) when her grandchild named Kiet was 2 years old.

Kiet loved the dog very much. The two played together like friends. But six months after Muc joined the family, baby Kiet died in an accident.

The day the boy died, the dog behaved differently. He stayed in the corner of the house all day. When the family buried Kiet, the dog quietly followed the family members to the cemetery. He again stayed in a corner of the field, looking towards the baby’s grave as if he was waiting for something.

“Three days after Kiet died, my family finished building a grave for him. The day the tomb was completed, we did not see Muc at home. It turned out that he was lying on Kiet’s grave from morning to afternoon. Some days, he stayed there overnight. Only at noon, when the sun was fierce, he returned to the house for a while and then went back to the grave,” said Ut.

Strangely, the dog always lies down at the same place, with his head pointing toward the tombstone.

Three years have passed since the baby died, and during this time, the dog still goes to lie near the child’s grave.

Chú chó trung thành nằm canh mộ chủ nhân suốt 3 năm ở Long An
Chú chó trung thành nằm canh mộ chủ nhân suốt 3 năm ở Long An

Nguyen Son

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