V-pop song about Coronavirus is going viral


Besides school closures and dragon fruit bánh mì, the Covid-19 epidemic has also inspired a plethora of whimsical coronavirus-themed songs, videos and parodies.

One of the most recent and popular artifacts to have come out of this trend is ‘Ghen Co Vy,’ a song based on the melody of the famous V-pop hit ‘Ghen,’ written by Khac Hung and performed by ERIK and MIN, the original singers of ‘Ghen.’

‘Ghen Co Vy’ isn’t a parody per se, as its lyrics were rewritten by the original composer, Khac Hung, in collaboration with the National Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health to communicate preventive measures against the virus and boost public morale.

The audio of the song published on singer ERIK’s Youtube page has garnered 1.1 million views and 74,000 likes at the time of writing. ‘Ghen Co Vy’ now has remixes, dance videos and even accompanying choreography. A dancing competition titled #ghencovychallenge created with the help of famous dancer Quang Dang has also received some positive responses on TikTok.

Besides ‘Ghen Co Vy,’ various music videos and parodies made by whimsical Vietnamese netizens have also become popular, such as this video by a long-time parodist that has 1.3 million views on Youtube; this adorable group of ladies doing a music video for their parody of the pop song ‘Anh Thanh Nien;’ or this parody of ‘Nguoi Den Tu Trieu Chau,’ a popular Vietnamese version of Taiwanese singer Timi Zhuo’s song ‘问心无愧.’

Take a look at the music video for ‘Ghen Co Vy’ below:

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