Vietnam To Counter China With Asean Backing On Mekong River Region

Vietnam took over the rotational chair of Asean, or the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, in January 2020, so it’ worth noting that Hanoi’s second foremost foreign policy priority after the South China Sea is reportedly the Mekong River region. While the South China Sea, where more than one-third of global shipping passes, is considered an overall Asean concern, the Mekong region is left to the five riparian countries in mainland Southeast Asia to deal with in view of China’s upstream hydropower dams that have led to frequent droughts and depleted fish stocks in downstream communities, especially in Cambodia and Vietnam.

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How our planet became more urbanised than ever

Over three-quarters of the world’s population now live in urban areas, according to the JRC’s new Atlas of the Human Planet.

The Atlas will be officially launched on Monday at the 10th session of the World Urban Forum in Abu Dhabi.

With data spanning four decades and nearly 240 countries and territories, the Atlas shows how humans have settled on Earth and urbanised the planet.

From 1975-2015, the share of people living in urban areas has increased from 69% to 76%.

Across the globe, the number of countries and territories with less than 50% of total population living in urban areas has fallen from 48 in 1975 to 36 in 2015. Tiếp tục đọc “How our planet became more urbanised than ever”