US’s Veterans for Peace honoured with friendship union’s certificate of merit

Vietnam News Agency
Monday, September 09, 2019

Hanoi (VNA) – The Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations (VUFO) presented a certificate of merit to Veterans for Peace (VFP) at a roundtable seminar in Hanoi on September 9.

The VUFO also presented the “For Peace and Friendship among Nations” insignia to Paul Cox, a founder of VFP Chapter 69 and Hoa Binh (Vietnam) Chapter 160.

On the occasion, a seminar was jointly held by the VUFO and the Vietnam-US Society (VUS) to mark the 74th founding anniversary of the VUS (1945-2019) and 25 years of the normalisation of the Vietnam-US relations (1995-2020).

A VFP delegation attended the event. The delegation, led by President Gerry Condon, is on a working visit to Vietnam from September 7-22.

Speaking at the seminar, VUS Secretary General Bui Van Nghi highlighted the VFP’s important role in putting an end to wars and bringing about peace to countries and people worldwide.

The VFP’s Chapter 160 in Vietnam is working to bring Vietnam and the US closer, he said, citing many humanitarian activities and projects carried out by the organisation in Vietnam.

Nghi also lauded support of Paul Cox for Vietnamese Agent Orange (AO) victims and Vietnamese in general in the settlement of war consequences.

At the seminar, the VFP side expressed wish to join hands with Vietnamese in addressing war consequences, especially issues regarding bomb and mine clearance, and adverse effects of dioxin on human health and environment in Vietnam.

Founded in 1985, the VFP now has veteran and associate members in every US state and several countries. It has over 120 chapters, including international chapters in Vietnam, the UK, Japan and Ireland.-VNA


image.pngOur VFP delegation following Monday’s roundtable discussion with members of the national Veterans Association of Viet Nam, representatives of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations, and other agencies and individuals.

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