Countries of the Asia-Pacific Region

Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies

Countries of the Asia-Pacific Region Include:

Australia Flag Australia Japan Flag Japan Palau Flag Palau
Bangladesh Kiribati Flag Kiribati Papua New Guinea Flag Papua
New Guinea
Bhutan Laos Flag Laos Peru Flag Peru
Brunei Malaysia Flag Malaysia Philippines Flag Philippines
Myanmar Flag Burma (Myanmar) Maldives Flag Maldives Russian Flag Russia
Cambodia Flag Cambodia Marshall Islands Flag Marshall Islands Samoa Flag Samoa
Canada Micronesia Flag Micronesia Singapore Flag Singapore
China Flag China Mongolia Flag Mongolia Solomon Islands Flag Solomon Islands
Chile Flag Chile Nauru Flag Nauru South Korea Flag South Korea
Cook Island Flag Cook Islands Nepal Flag Nepal Sri Lanka Flag Sri Lanka
Fiji Flag Fiji New Zealand Flag New Zealand Thailand Flag Thailand
French Polynesia Flag French Polynesia** New Caledonia Flag New Caledonia** Timor-Leste Flag Timor-Leste
Indian Flag India Niue Flag Niue Tonga Flag Tonga
Indonesia Flag Indonesia North Korea flag North Korea * Tuvalu Flag Tuvalu
Pakistan Flag Pakistan Vanuatu Flag Vanuatu
Vietnam Flag Vietnam
U. S. Flag United States

* currently not eligible for invitation per U.S. State Department

** Territories of France

The Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies is a Department of Defense institution providing a forum where current and future, military and civilian leaders from many Asia-Pacific nations gather to enhance Asia-Pacific security cooperation through programs of executive education, professional exchange and policy-relevant research.

Above is a listing of countries that are generally defined as the “Indo-Asia-Pacific” region and most are routinely invited to APCSS courses.

Other links to definitions of the Asia-Pacific Region:

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