International Arbitration Yearbook 2022-2023

Welcome to the 16th edition of the “Baker McKenzie International Arbitration Yearbook.” We are pleased to bring you our analysis of notable developments in international arbitration over the past year from over 45 jurisdictions worldwide.

As with the editions before it, the 2022-2023 Yearbook looks at important legislative and case law updates from each jurisdiction. This includes:

• New arbitral rules from major institutions including the AAA, CAM-CCBC, CEPANI, DIAC and the SCC
• The ongoing reform of arbitration legislation to reflect international best practice, with recent developments in Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and Vietnam
• The continued effects of the European Court of Justice’s decision in Achmea
• The decision of a number of European states to withdraw from the Energy Charter Treaty and the accession of new parties to the ICSID convention
• The latest case law on the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards under the New York Convention, which has now been ratified in 172 jurisdictions worldwide
• New requirements from several institutions to disclose the sources of third-party funding, and the expansion of financing options for arbitration parties in Hong Kong

In this year’s edition we have introduced a new chapter on the arbitration framework in the OHADA area, which includes 17 African states.

I trust you will find our coverage of these, and many other important topics, to be of interest. Such breadth of coverage is only possible because of Baker McKenzie’s truly global presence. Our international arbitration team is the largest, busiest and most ranked arbitration team in the world and is ranked in the top 10 arbitration teams globally by Global Arbitration Review. With over 200 practitioners, we have acted in more hearings than any other firm, in every major center, allowing us to offer unrivaled insights into the state of arbitration right across the globe.

Finally, we extend our thanks to Ben Roe, Markus Altenkirch and Maria Barros Mota, to our editorial team Cathy Keegan, Sarah Fox and Paul Allanigue, and to our vast network of colleagues and friends who have contributed to this international team effort.

Ed Poulton
Global Chair, International Arbitration

Asia Pacific

AustraliaChinaHong KongIndia
SingaporeSouth KoreaTaiwanThailand

Europe, Middle East and Africa

AustriaBelarusBelgiumCzech Republic
OHADASaudi ArabiaSouth AfricaSpain
United Arab EmiratesUnited KingdomUzbekistan

The Americas

ColombiaMexicoPeruUnited States

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