Vietnam among top performers in Global Law and Order survey

By Dang Khoa   November 1, 2020 | 11:46 am GMT+7 vnexpressVietnam among top performers in Global Law and Order surveyVietnamese police during a drill in Hanoi in 2019. photo by VnExpress/Ngoc Thanh.

Vietnam is 10th in this year’s Global Law and Order index that measures people’s perceptions of personal security.

For the report published earlier this week, American analytics firm Gallup asked nearly 175,000 people in 144 countries and territories via telephone and in person about their “confidence in their local police, their feelings of personal safety, and the incidence of theft and assault or mugging in the past year.”

The higher the score on a 100-point scale, the higher the proportion of the population that feels secure.

With 86 points, Vietnam shared 10th place with Canada, Germany, Kosovo, and Malta.

Singapore and Turkmenistan topped with 97 points, China was in second place with 94 while Iceland and Kuwait shared third place with 93.

There were 90 countries below the global average of 82 points, one point higher than last year.

Afghanistan was at the bottom for a second consecutive year with 43 points.

Sixty nine percent of people worldwide felt safe walking alone at night.

More than two in three people had confidence in their local police. Regionally, law enforcement in western Europe got the highest public trust with 83 points, while Latin America and the Caribbean were the least likely to have confidence in their police with 49 points.

Last year Vietnam had scored 82 to share 14th place with Mauritius, Lithuania, India, and Hungary.Related News:

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