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Welcome to our Clean Energy Investment Accelerator (CEIA) Southeast Asia newsletter. This quarterly communication is designed to keep you up-to-date on our latest progress, resources, events, and relevant corporate clean energy news across Southeast Asia. We look forward to staying in touch!

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  • DEEP C Green Energy, an affiliate company of DEEP C Industrial Zones headquartered in Hai Phong, recently finalized a contract with Bestiani Engineering Company for the installation of 2.16 MWp of rooftop solar on one of its warehouses. With support from CEIA over the course of 10 months, DEEP C Green Energy ran a comprehensive tendering process before procuring the solar energy system on a turnkey basis. This rooftop solar installation is a first step in DEEP C’s long-term strategy to scale up clean energy, energy storage, and smart grid solutions across its industrial parks. A DEEP C representative will present in a CEIA webinar on May 21 to share the company’s procurement-related lessons learned and best practices.
  • Hansoll Textile, which manufactures knit products for a variety of global apparel brands, is finalizing a 15-year contract for rooftop solar electricity at two of its factories in Vietnam. With support from CEIA, Hansoll completed an aggregated procurement for 7.6 MWp across the two factories, which will result in immediate cost savings for the company as well as contribute to its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 39% by 2030. Hansoll intends to implement a second phase of rooftop solar procurement at its remaining Vietnam factories in the coming year.


  • In support of CEIA’s MOU with Indonesia’s national utility, PLN, to provide capacity building related to renewable energy certificates (RECs) and green utility products, CEIA organized a training in March for PLN executives and staff with experts from NREL, the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), and CDP. The training delivered key information about REC markets and trading, highlighted why companies around the world are committed to procuring renewable energy and RECs, and presented options for PLN related to RECs and utility offerings.
  • A follow-on training was provided to members of CEIA Indonesia’s working group for corporate RE procurement to facilitate increased private sector understanding of REC products in the Indonesian context and how RECs can support progress toward meeting corporate RE targets.
  • To further support PLN’s understanding of Indonesia’s REC options, CEIA facilitated meetings between PLN and REC tracking system platforms operating in Southeast Asia. PLN received valuable inputs to support the utility’s decision-making process related to developing clear REC products and systems.


  • CEIA is supporting the development of the Philippines’ Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act (EEC) as part of the country’s efforts to mobilize investments for the implementation of its NDCs. CEIA presented at the Regional Local Government Unit (LGU) Forum on Opportunities for Energy Efficiency Projects organized by the Philippine Department of Energy on February 27-28 in Cebu City.
  • CEIA shared “Lessons Learned in Promoting RE Investments in the Philippines” during a Technical Consultation on Integrated Governance Challenges and Opportunities for LGUs in partnership with the Philippine League of Local Environment and Natural Offices (PLLENRO) on February 17 in Quezon City. CEIA helped identify specific coordination and capacity challenges faced by local governments to implement and comply with the EEC Act and offered potential solutions to help LGUs attract investment support.
  • CEIA also engaged in high-level dialogues with key government leaders from the National Renewable Energy Board (NREB) and the Department of Energy to support implementation of a more robust Green Energy Option Program (GEOP) and the launch of a new Green Energy Auction Program (GEAP).





Vietnam’s Rooftop Solar Sector: Tools, Templates, and Lessons Learned for Renewable Energy Buyers
May 21, 2020
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Asia Clean Energy Forum 
June 15-18, 2020
Manila, Philippines

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Climate Currents
Climate Currents

The Clean Energy Investment Accelerator (CEIA) brings together large commercial and industrial users to demonstrate innovative renewable energy purchasing models and strengthen policy frameworks. In addition to our Southeast Asia markets, the CEIA is also active in Mexico and Colombia.


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