From Carter to Trump: How has climate policy changed?


So, how did we get here?

In the 90s, we laid out a plan of action to stop global warming. In 2006 we ran a global warming cover story titled “It’s Not Too Late.” Our 2016 issue marked the ‘point of no return,’ but held on to a message of hope; the damage could be lessened if we took some drastic action.


President Jimmy Carter’s Science Advisor weighed in on global warming

The matter of increased atmospheric carbon dioxide has even greater ramifications. Here we are dealing with the need for increased scientific knowledge to learn with greater accuracy how much carbon dioxide will actually accumulate in the atmosphere due to fossil fuel combustion and how much it will raise average global temperatures. We need to explore the implications of that temperature rise on our weather and climate and through it on agriculture, recreation, and many other aspects of life.


How to stop global warming: Advice from the ‘90s

“Unless we see startling advances in such alternative sources as nuclear fusion or photovoltaics, any serious proposal to head off global warming must attack the problem of reducing the world’s demand for energy.”


“It’s not too late”

Hear the dire warnings of a leading climate scientist; visit an oil drillship in deep waters south of New Orleans; read a plea for a practical nuclear game plan; learn about bugs that make ethanol cheaply; find out why coal is a dirty secret. Through diverse subjects, a simple theme: to save the world, what we need most is a strategy to use the technologies we already have.


The sensible climate policy we should have followed

Here’s a smart way for us to limit carbon emissions and keep global warming below 2 °C.


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