Online sale of elephant tusks continues to boom

Elephant tusks are available in many places, from souvenir shops and jewelry shops to tourist sites. But the sales there are very small compared with transactions via online markets.

MT, at No 81-83 Nguyen Van Cu street, is a well known souvenir shop in Buon Ma Thuot City. There are many stalls inside, including a jewelry and souvenir stall which display products made of elephant tusks.

Online sale of elephant tusks continues to boom

N, a salesman, showed many products, from bracelets, rings, pens, combs and a section of an elephant tail with black feathers. Each feather was priced at VND100,000.

Reporters acted as buyers seeking to buy a huge elephant tusk block to create a statue. The salesman brought a 2.2 kilogram tusk block, as big as an adult thigh, 10 centimeters long. N said this was an African elephant tusk and affirmed that the food for elephants in Africa was very good, and the quality of African tusks was better than Asian tusks. Tiếp tục đọc “Online sale of elephant tusks continues to boom”

Vietnam’s illegal ivory market continues to thrive, report finds

Chuyên mục buôn lậu: “Tiêu chuẩn kép” ở Việt Nam về buôn lậu ngà voi

English: Exclusive: Vietnam’s ‘double standards’ in ivory trade

Báo cáo của đơn vị điều tra kênh truyền thông Al Jazeer đặt ra câu hỏi về cam kết của Việt nam trong việc ngăn chặn nạn buôn lậu động vật hoang dã

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Đơn vị điều tra Al Jazeera có bằng chứng cho thấy Việt Nam tiếp tục là thị trường lớn cho các sản phẩm bất hợp pháp từ động vật hoang dã, mặc dù Hà Nội đã tuyên bố cam kết giải quyết vấn đề này.

Kết quả điều tra được đưa ra ít ngày trước khi các quốc gia Đông Nam Á tổ chức hội thảo quốc tế về việc ngăn chặn nạn buôn bán bất hợp pháp.
Tiếp tục đọc “Chuyên mục buôn lậu: “Tiêu chuẩn kép” ở Việt Nam về buôn lậu ngà voi”

Exclusive: Vietnam’s ‘double standards’ in ivory trade

Al Jazeera Investigative Unit’s report raises questions about Vietnam’s commitment to tackle wildlife trafficking.

14 November 2016

Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit has uncovered evidence that Vietnam is still a major market for illegal wildlife products, despite Hanoi’s stated commitment that it is tackling the issue.

The investigation comes a few days before the Southeast Asian nation hosts an international conference on stopping the illicit trade.

On Saturday, Vietnamese authorities in the capital ground down and burned two tonnes of ivory and 70kg of rhino – all seized from smugglers –  in a symbolic move designed to show the government’s commitment to thwarting wildlife crime. Tiếp tục đọc “Exclusive: Vietnam’s ‘double standards’ in ivory trade”