Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022)

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Global Edition | 9 September 2022

The Conversation has published a range of content on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, from across our global academic network. A selection can be found below. In the hours and days to come we will of course carry many more articles on what her death means for the UK and the Commonwealth, and on the challenges that await King Charles
III. Follow our extensive coverage here
.Stephen Khan

Queen Elizabeth II: the end of the ‘new Elizabethan age’
Laura Clancy, Lancaster UniversityBritain has gone through unimaginable change culturally and politically during Elizabeth’s 70-year reign.Elizabeth II: Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. Sipa US/Alamy Stock Photo

Queen Elizabeth II: a moderniser who steered the British monarchy into the 21st century
Sean Lang, Anglia Ruskin UniversityElizabeth II was a safe pair of hands for the British monarchy in a turbulent and changing era.Andy Rain/EPA/AAP

Why do we mourn people we don’t know?
Sarah Wayland, University of New EnglandGrieving the queen’s passing can be different to grieving the loss of someone we were close to. It’s also complicated by politics, colonialism and the contest about who she really was.

The death of Queen Elizabeth: Canada became less British during her reign
Thomas Klassen, York University, CanadaQueen Elizabeth harnessed goodwill from Canadians mostly as an individual, rather than as the hereditary head of an institution. But her death will lead to debate about the relevance of the monarchy.

16 visits over 57 years: reflecting on Queen Elizabeth II’s long relationship with Australia
Giselle Bastin, Flinders UniversityThe queen’s visits to Australia from 1954 to 2011 offer a snapshot of the changing relationship Australians have had with their sovereign and with the monarchy.

What are the legal and constitutional consequences for Australia of Queen Elizabeth II’s death?
Anne Twomey, University of SydneyLegally, there does not need to be anything done in Australia to result in the change from queen to king. That happens automatically.

From evolving colony to bicultural nation, Queen Elizabeth II walked a long road with Aotearoa New Zealand
Katie Pickles, University of CanterburyOver the 70 years of her reign, Queen Elizabeth II has been part of Aotearoa New Zealand’s living history, touching everything from the role of women to the Treaty of Waitangi.    

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