IUCN Advisory Mission to Ha Long Bay World Heritage Site

In July 2018, at the request of Quang Ninh Province, IUCN hired two consultants, Janet Mackay, Director of Tourism Recreation Conservation Consultants (TRC) and Wim Vrins, a solid waste management specialist, to advise on tourism and waste management in Ha Long Bay WHS.

Fishing boats and tourist boats are operating in HLB

After a 4-day site visit and meetings with government agencies in charge of site management, the mission found that while the geological values of the site are currently not threatened, with continued growth in visitor numbers and ineffective management of visitors and waste, the impacts on the site’s aesthetic values will cause a significant threat to its OUV. Tiếp tục đọc “IUCN Advisory Mission to Ha Long Bay World Heritage Site”

New airport for Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay puts the popular destination at extreme risk of overtourism

Tourist boats in Ha Long Bay in Vietnam’s Quang Ninh province. Picture: AFP


  • Improved infrastructure makes the Unesco World Heritage Site increasingly accessible, hopes to welcome 16 million tourists in 2020
  • Travellers already complain of overcrowding and rubbish-infested water

Ha Long Bay’s postcard-perfect karst islets have long attracted travellers to its Unesco-approved seascape. In 2017, the destination (population circa 1,500), in northern Vietnam’s Quang Ninh province, welcomed almost 7 million international and domestic visitors, according to website Halong Bay Tourism. The region’s tourism department hopes to receive up to 16 million tourists by the end of next year, “and to rake in VND30-40 trillion (US$1.3-1.7 billion) in revenue”, it states, on its website.

Taking a major step towards achieving that goal, on December 30, Vietnam opened Van Don International Airport, which considerably cuts travel time to Ha Long Bay for overseas visitors. What was once an eight-hour round trip from Hanoi is now just over an hour from an airport that, when fully operational, will connect the bay with 35 cities, including Hong Kong, Macau and 10 in mainland China.

Tiếp tục đọc “New airport for Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay puts the popular destination at extreme risk of overtourism”

Cua Van fishing village an attractive destination in Ha Long Bay

Last update 15:05 | 02/02/2018

Cua Van, a small fishing village in Quang Ninh, has been recognised as one of the world’s 16 most picturesque villages by travel blog Journeyetc.com.

In an article compiled by bloggers on the renowned travel site, the village is listed 14th out of the 16, and described as a hidden gem in the world heritage-listed Ha Long Bay.

There, visitors can gaze at the beautiful limestone karsts and isles of Ha Long Bay, take photos of the floating village with its colourful raft houses and witness first-hand the daily lives of local fishermen. Tiếp tục đọc “Cua Van fishing village an attractive destination in Ha Long Bay”