Eat in style – Know the origin: A joint mission to better Vietnam’s environment and consumers’ health

WWF – August 14th – 24th 2015, seafood certified as responsibly farmed in Vietnam will be officially available for the domestic market at many eateries. The certification denotes the seafood has met strict standards that ensure food safety and minimize environmental impact. This is part of Sustainable Seafood Week 2015, organized by WWF-Vietnam, to introduce the world’s newest trend in stylish dining: sustainability.

In support of responsible production and products, which have gained worldwide popularity and become a significant indicator of a modern, healthy and positive lifestyle, the Sustainable Seafood Week with the message “Eat in style – Know the origin”, is urging Vietnamese consumers to join the international call for products from responsible sources.

Participating restaurants in Sustainable Seafood Week 2015, serving responsibly produced seafood (certified by ASC eco-label)

During the 10 days, besides introducing Vietnam’s responsibly farmed seafood to the domestic market, the program will engage consumers in an array of exciting activities to raise awareness about sustainable seafood, through a display of informative artworks, a theme-inspired flash mob and exciting mini-games at Crescent Mall, District 7, Ho Chi Minh city. Consumers can visit to find the full list of restaurants participating in the program, and also pledge their support online to the demand for sustainable seafood in Vietnam. Tiếp tục đọc “Eat in style – Know the origin: A joint mission to better Vietnam’s environment and consumers’ health”