Love and Faith in India

Love and Faith in India | 101 East Documentary

Al Jazeera English – 27-1-2022

In India, Hindu nationalists are promoting the conspiracy that Muslim men are tricking Hindu women into marriage and converting them in an attempt to create an Islamic republic.

The national government has found no evidence to support this claim, but laws have been passed in some of India’s largest states that could see Muslim men jailed for up to 10 years for committing this so-called “Love Jihad”.

This documentary follows a group training to protect Hindu girls, a teenage Muslim boy who says he was imprisoned without trial for talking to a Hindu girl, and interfaith couples fighting just to be together.

101 East investigates love and faith in India.

India and elsewhere: Religious wars are forever – February 10, 2022

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At the Dasna Devi temple, a placard read: “This is a holy place for Hindus. Entry of Muslims is forbidden.” Photo Credit: Saumya Khandelwal for The New York Times.

People of different backgrounds live together. Unless, for some reason, they decide not to live together. They do seem to get along better in dictatorships. Tito ran Yugoslavia, Hussein ran Iraq and Khaddaffi ran Libya. Their people had no freedom of choice about with whom they lived. And so, for the most part, they got along.

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