Vietnam Food And Beverages Market Business Attractiveness and Forecast to 2026

November 30, 2019

Vietnam food and beverage market size is poised to report strong growth rate over the forecast period due to increasing population, rising disposable incomes, coupled with changing trends and product innovations. On the other hand, intense government regulations, raw material price fluctuations can negatively impact the growth of the market.

The increasing number of restaurants, fast-food chains, and food delivery apps such as grub hub, caviar, and others enhance the availability to consumers, resulting in strong growth in the food and beverage industry. Besides, rising demand for organic, natural and fresh foods among consumers due to rising health awareness is the major factor expected to enhance the demand for the food and beverage market. Tiếp tục đọc “Vietnam Food And Beverages Market Business Attractiveness and Forecast to 2026”

Vietnamese spend most of their income on food and drinks

By Dat Nguyen   November 2, 2018 | 09:53 am GMT+7

Vietnamese spend most of their income on food and drinks

People eat at an eatery in Da Lat, Vietnam. Photo by Shutterstock/Joel Whalton

A report says Vietnamese spend more than a third of their income on food and beverages, topping education and utilities.

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Shrimp Paste and Fish Sauce: A Brief Primer on Vietnam’s Dipping History

It is a well-known fact among Vietnamese that their home country has a rich portfolio of fermented food, from mắm chua (pickled shrimp) to mắm tôm (shrimp paste). Here is a comprehensive look into not only these funky condiments’ history, taste and production, but also the emerging food science behind them. 

For thousands of years, Vietnamese cuisine has taken great pride in its arsenal of preserved foodstuffs. Indeed, the category constitutes some of the most essential elements of Vietnamese flavors — think nước tương (soy sauce), nước mắm (fish sauce) or mắm tôm (shrimp paste) — these are condiments that few dishes go without.

Nước Mắm (Fish Sauce)

Fish sauce is fiercely coveted by diners across Southeast Asia and even in smaller pockets across the continent as a whole. For example, in Japan it is known as shottsuru and widely used in nabemono, the nation’s version of a hotpot. Indeed, any self-confessed addict of Vietnamese cuisine must have a soft spot for the sauce. An iconic example was Anthony Bourdain imparting the flavors of Hanoian bún chả to former US President Barack Obama. It is incredibly versatile, useful to garnish any dish in its concentrated form and makes an exquisite broth on its own if diluted. Tiếp tục đọc “Shrimp Paste and Fish Sauce: A Brief Primer on Vietnam’s Dipping History”

Urban Food Street – Chỉ cần nhìn là muốn ăn

Tại một thị trấn nhỏ ở Queensland có một con đường đặc biệt , sở dĩ đặc biệt là bởi vì đây là con đường “ăn được”.

Đúng thế, chính là “ăn được”!

Trên con đường này hai bên đường khắp nơi đều có trồng các loại rau củ quả hữu cơ không ô nhiễm, tươi ngon và đầy dinh dưỡng. Chỉ cần cắn một miếng thôi bạn sẽ cảm nhận được cảm giác ngọt ngào mà không có bất cứ loại trái cây đắt tiền nào sánh bằng.

Bạn có thể hái một quả quýt nếu khát.

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