A law that cancels cancel culture? This country is considering it

By Heather Chen, CNN

Published 9:57 PM EDT, Fri May 12, 2023

‘Cancel culture’ or corporate cowardice?

07:49 – Source: CNN — 

Cancel culture, the online trend of calling out people, celebrities, brands and organizations – rightly or wrongly – for perceived social indiscretions or offensive behaviors, has become a polarizing topic of debate.

To some, it’s an important means of social justice and holding powerful figures to account. But to others, it’s often “misused and misdirected” and has become a form of mob rule.

But one country wants to put an end to the deeply contested online phenomena by introducing what legal experts and observers say would be the world’s first law against cancel culture – raising alarm among rights activists who fear that such legal powers could be used to stifle free speech.

Over the past year, Singapore’s government has been “looking at ways to deal with cancel culture,” a spokesperson told CNN – amid what some say is a brewing culture war between gay rights supporters and the religious right following the recent decriminalization of homosexuality in the largely conservative city-state.

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“Tôi xin làm vật vô tri…”

TƯỜNG ANH – 12/01/2023 06:51 GMT+7

TTCTThừa nhận đa dạng giới là một chuyện, nhưng cùng lúc việc thúc đẩy chuyển giới trong năm qua đã bộc lộ nhiều vấn đề của nó.

Một trong những vấn đề ít được công khai nhưng đã và đang len lỏi tới từng ngóc ngách các hoạt động năm qua trên thế giới: bản dạng giới và chuyển giới. Đấy cũng sẽ là vấn đề tiếp tục đặt ra những thách thức mới cho ứng xử của mỗi chúng ta và mỗi quốc gia.

Tiếp tục đọc ““Tôi xin làm vật vô tri…””

Thể thao sẽ phải chia mấy?

HUY ĐĂNG – 12/04/2023 10:25 GMT+7

TTCT Làng thể thao đỉnh cao thế giới đã trải qua hơn 100 năm lịch sử với mô hình hai nội dung nam – nữ. Nhưng đừng ngạc nhiên nếu trong tương lai, một hạng mục thứ ba, thứ tư… sẽ xuất hiện.

Tuần rồi, Liên đoàn Điền kinh thế giới (IAAF) ra một quyết định được coi là đặt dấu chấm hết cho các VĐV chuyển giới. Cụ thể, VĐV chuyển giới đã trải qua giai đoạn dậy thì khi còn là nam giới sẽ không được tham gia thi đấu các giải nữ thuộc hệ thống IAAF nữa. 

Tức để được thi đấu, VĐV chuyển giới phải phẫu thuật, hoặc trải qua những hình thức chuyển giới trước khi khoảng 12 tuổi.

Coco Telfer: “VĐV chuyển giới có những thiệt thòi mà các VĐV nữ khác không trải qua”. Ảnh: Folxhealth.com
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Europe’s New Moral Crusade: A campaign against progressive values

Al Jazeera English – 24-12-2022

Encouraged by the reversal of pro-abortion rights in the United States, a loose coalition of evangelical Christians, far-right politicians and Russian oligarchs are now engaged in a fierce campaign against progressive, liberal values in Europe.

But what is driving this so-called moral crusade? And who is funding it?

For People & Power, filmmakers Sarah Spiller, Mark Williams and Callum Macrae went in search of answers.

Europe’s New Moral Crusade: A campaign against progressive values | People and Power

Monkeypox and the gay community

The New York Times newsletter

This weekend marks the end of Pride month, as cities across the country host events to celebrate the L.G.B.T.Q. community.
It is also a fraught moment in public health: A global outbreak of monkeypox is causing concern, with many of the cases clustered around men who have sex with men.
Experts are now trying to strike a delicate balance, warning people who may be at higher risk, without stigmatizing a community that has often been scapegoated for health scares in the past.

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Đêm nằm nghe pê-đê hát


Buổi chiều, nghe tiếng kèn lá “ò í e…” trong ngõ hẻm nhà mình là tôi nghĩ ngay tới một đêm mất ngủ. Ở những vùng ven thành phố như cái quận Gò Vấp này, nhất là trong những xóm lao động, đám ma nơi những gia đình theo đạo thờ cúng ông bà – hay người lương, phân biệt với nguời công giáo, Thiên Chúa giáo – thường buồn bã một cách hết sức ồn ào. Tiếp tục đọc “Đêm nằm nghe pê-đê hát”

Why Is “Bisexual” Such A Charged Word In 2019?

TĐH: Gender is becoming increasingly confusing, unnatural, standardless and meaningless. In New Jersey (USA) parents now can mark in the newborn baby paperwork for birth certificate one of three choices for gender: (1) male, (2) female, and (3) undetermined. “Undetermined” because the parents “don’t know the baby’s gender until the baby is grown up and determines his/her/its gender for him/her/itself.”

by Rory Gory

Bisexual people make up 52 percent of the lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) community, but in recent years, the words to describe the identity of someone who is attracted to more than one gender have become increasingly complex.

As the conversation around gender identity has expanded, so, too, has the language to describe both gender and sexuality as well as the complex interaction of these varying, often fluid identities. This includes new words that describe sexual attraction to more than one gender, including  Tiếp tục đọc “Why Is “Bisexual” Such A Charged Word In 2019?”

Supreme Court Rejects Case On Transgender Bathrooms. Here’s Why It’s Still a Huge Issue.

The Supreme Court rejected a Pennsylvania case regarding school policy in a district which allows transgender students to use bathrooms of their choice.(Photo: Smith Collection/Gado/ Contributor/Getty Images)

The Supreme Court rejected a case regarding school policy in a district which allows transgender students to use bathrooms of their choice.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court denied cert to Doe v. Boyertown Area School District, a case concerning a gender identity bathroom and locker room policy at a Pennsylvania high school.

In declining to take up the case, The Supreme Court let stand the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit’s decision, which dismissed the concerns of students who did not wish to share intimate spaces with members of the opposite sex. Tiếp tục đọc “Supreme Court Rejects Case On Transgender Bathrooms. Here’s Why It’s Still a Huge Issue.”

Phân biệt hai từ Giới (Gender) và Giới tính (Sex)

English: What Is The Difference Between “Gender” And “Sex”?

*Để tránh nhầm lẫn, trong bài dưới đây từ Gender được dịch là Giới và từ SexGiới tính

Khi hai từ có cùng một nghĩa, chúng ta gọi chúng là từ đồng nghĩa. Khi hai từ có nghĩa khác nhau nhưng lại được sử dụng thay thế cho nhau, thì ta cần tìm hiểu về ý nghĩa thực của những từ đó.

Lấy ví dụ về hai từ Giới – Gender và Giới tính – Sex. Trong khi nhiều người thường dùng hai từ này thay thế cho nhau, nhưng ý nghĩa và cách sử dụng của hai từ lại khác biệt đáng kể và do đó là rất khác nhau. Bởi vì chúng ta thường nói về con người khi sử dụng những thuật ngữ này, vậy nên điều cốt yếu là chúng ta hiểu được nghĩa đúng của các từ khi dùng để tôn trọng người mà ta nói đến

Từ sex có nghĩa là gì? Tiếp tục đọc “Phân biệt hai từ Giới (Gender) và Giới tính (Sex)”

What Is The Difference Between “Gender” And “Sex”?


When two words have the same meaning, we call them synonyms. When two words have different meanings but people use them interchangeably, we write articles about what those words actually mean.

Take gender and sex. While people substitute one for the other on the regular, their meaning and usage are significantly—and consequentially—different. Because we’re most often talking about human beings when we use these terms, it’s critical we get them straight. Give respect to get respect, right?

What does the word sex mean?

First, let’s talk about sex (baby). Intercourse aside for these purposes, sex is “a label assigned at birth based on the reproductive organs you’re born with.” Tiếp tục đọc “What Is The Difference Between “Gender” And “Sex”?”

Brunei’s LGBT community flees ‘inhumane’ new stoning laws

Bex Wright
Alexandra Field Profile V2

Updated 4:57 AM ET, Wed April 3, 2019

(CNN) When the tiny, oil-rich kingdom of Brunei first announced in 2013 that it would adopt strict Islamic laws, including death by stoning for gay sex, many in the country’s LGBT community considered fleeing.

But some stayed on, hoping that the law, which is set to be formally enacted on April 3, would never come to pass.

“It’s really scary,” says Khairul, a young gay man in Brunei who spoke to CNN over the phone.

He and others interviewed by CNN for this story asked that their real identities to be hidden over concerns for their safety and that of their families. Tiếp tục đọc “Brunei’s LGBT community flees ‘inhumane’ new stoning laws”

Colorado Drops Second Case Against Christian Baker

TĐH: The clash of civil rights law prohibiting discrimination against LGBT on one hand and religious freedom to follow the Bible on the other hand is splitting America in halves and largely explains Trump’s rise to power with the support of the conservatives. The progressive left under Obama has pushed the issue to the degree of oppressing folks with religious beliefs, without carving out a religious exception for them, and thus created a cultural and legal war which is still in full throttle.

Baker Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, accepts congratulations and thanks in his Lakewood shop after the U.S. Supreme Court voted 7-2 in his favor saying his religious beliefs do not violate Colorado’s anti-discrimination law after refusing to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple on June 4, 2018. (Photo: Joe Amon/The Denver Post/Getty Images)

Colorado baker Jack Phillips is 2-0 now after state officials dropped their second attempt to coerce him into baking products that violate his beliefs.

Phillips, in turn, dropped a federal lawsuit.

“I have and will always serve everyone who comes into my shop; I simply can’t celebrate events or express messages that conflict with my religious beliefs,” Phillips said in a statement Tuesday. Tiếp tục đọc “Colorado Drops Second Case Against Christian Baker”

​Love in the air at gay pride parade in Ho Chi Minh City

The parade is part of a month-long series of nationwide events

By Tuoi Tre News September 25, 2017, 11:58 GMT+7

A giant six-band rainbow flag is seen at the pride parade on Nguyen Hue pedestrian street in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, September 24, 2017. Photo: Tuoi Tre

Ho Chi Minh City’s LGBT community took to downtown Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street on Sunday for a pride parade to demonstrate love and campaign for equality.

The parade was part of the 2017 VietPride series of events, which include multiple parades throughout Vietnam to show support and campaign for equality for Vietnam’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

The annual VietPride was first organized in Hanoi in 2012, before growing to become a nationwide event joined by tens of thousands every year. Tiếp tục đọc “​Love in the air at gay pride parade in Ho Chi Minh City”

China bans online videos showing homosexuality, affairs

China issued new regulations on Friday around online video content, directing streaming platforms to eliminate a range of programs in yet another tightening of controls on the Chinese Internet.

A man uses a computer in an internet cafe in Beijing on June 1, 2017. China issued new regulations Friday around online video content, directing streaming platforms to eliminate a range of programs in yet another tightening of controls AFP/GREG BAKER

BEIJING: China issued new regulations on Friday (Jun 30) around online video content, directing streaming platforms to eliminate a range of programs in yet another tightening of controls on the Chinese Internet.

Among the films, dramas and cartoons targeted by the China Netcasting Services Assocation’s (CNSA) rules are those “demonstrating ‘abnormal’ sexual relations or acts, such as… homosexuality.” Tiếp tục đọc “China bans online videos showing homosexuality, affairs”

Taiwan top court rules in favour of gay marriage

Supporters of same-sex marriage have held huge protests to campaign for a change in the law in Taiwan. (Photo: AFP)

TAIPEI: Taiwan’s top court ruled in favour of gay marriage Wednesday (May 24), a landmark decision that paves the way for the island to become one of the first places in Asia to legalise same-sex unions.

Crowds of supporters cheered, hugged and wept as the court said current laws preventing the practice “violated” the constitution’s guarantees of freedom of marriage and equality. It gave the government two years to implement the ruling.

Momentum has been growing behind the push for equal marriage rights, with Taiwan’s president Tsai Ing-wen openly supporting the campaign.

But there has also been anger among conservative groups, who have staged mass rallies against any change in the law.

The constitutional court said if parliament does not make the change within two years, same-sex couples could register to marry regardless, based on its interpretation.

Currently Taiwan’s Civil Code stipulates an agreement to marry can only be made between a man and a woman.

“The current provisions of the marriage chapter do not allow two persons of the same sex to create a permanent union of an intimate and exclusive nature for the committed purpose of managing a life together. This is obviously a gross legislative flaw,” the court said in a statement. Tiếp tục đọc “Taiwan top court rules in favour of gay marriage”