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Việt Nam phải khao khát thoát “sách đen” về rửa tiền!

03/04/2015 11:08

(Congluan.vn) – Rửa tiền, tài trợ khủng bố đang là vấn đề khiến cả thế giới đau đầu. Theo thống kê của Qũy tiền tệ quốc tế – IMF, số tiền tội phạm “rửa” hàng năm khoảng 1.000-1.500 tỉ USD, trong đó 70% là tiền mặt. Đáng chú ý, Việt Nam nằm trong sách đen về rửa tiền.

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2017 Basel Anti-Money-Laundering Index

Basel Institute of Governance – International Center for Asset Recovery

World ranking of Anti-Money-Laundering in ASEAN countries and China (The smaller is the index, the higher is the Money Laundering risk):

Laos – 5
Cambodia – 9
Myanmar – 13
Vietnam – 18
Thailand – 44
China – 51
Indonesia – 61
Philippines – 65
Malaysia – 70
Hong Kong (China) – 89
Singapore – 117
Taiwan (China) – 136


2017 Basel AML Index

The Basel AML Index is an annual ranking assessing country risk regarding money laundering/terrorism financing. It focuses on anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing (AML/CTF) frameworks and other related factors such as financial/public transparency and judicial strength.

This is the sixth edition of the Basel Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Index developed by the Basel Institute on Governance. The Basel Institute published the Basel AML Index for the first time in 2012 and has since then been the only non-profit organisation to create a research-based ranking focusing on the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing. The Basel AML Index provides the following key features: Tiếp tục đọc “2017 Basel Anti-Money-Laundering Index”

A history of the Vatican Bank

WF – The Vatican Bank is undergoing yet another series of reforms in an effort to shed the scandals of the past. Jules Gray looks at the history of the Catholic Church’s troubled financial arm 

Cardinal George Pell during a sermon at the Papal Basilica of St Paul’s Cathedral in Rome, Italy
Cardinal George Pell during a sermon at the Papal Basilica of St Paul’s Cathedral in Rome, Italy

Author: Jules Gray – September 5, 2014

Perhaps more than any other, the Vatican Bank should be expected to maintain the highest of moral standards in the way it conducts its business. However, despite its saintly links, the bank that acts on behalf of the Catholic Church has developed a reputation for corruption, scandal and mismanagement over the last few decades.

Murder, bribery, suspicious deaths, money laundering, and many other nefarious acts have been linked to the bank that is officially known as the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR). Tiếp tục đọc “A history of the Vatican Bank”

APEC law-enforcement agencies vow to strengthen corruption fight


Update: August, 19/2017 – 19:00

Delegates from 21 APEC-member economies at the 4th Meeting of the APEC Network of Anti-Corruption Authorities and Law Enforcement Agencies in HCM City on Saturday. VNS Photo Bồ Xuân Hiệp
Viet Nam News HCM CITY — Anti-corruption authorities and law enforcement agencies from 21 APEC member economies vowed to strengthen measures to fight money laundering and bribery at a workshop held on Aug 19 during the APEC Senior Officials Meeting (SOM 3) in HCM City.

The 80 delegates at the 4th Meeting of the APEC Network of Anti-Corruption Authorities and Law Enforcement Agencies agreed that “corruption erodes social integrity and fairness, undermines government accountability and public trust, and impedes healthy economic growth.”

Speaking at the meeting, Nguyễn Văn Thanh, Government deputy inspector general and chair of the meeting, said: “Greater cooperation is needed in combating money laundering and recovering stolen assets, and promoting international cooperation in bribery cases, repatriation of fugitives, and informal international cooperation.”

“I believe that our deliberations at this meeting will facilitate direct connections among law enforcement agencies, and create a platform for international cooperation in information exchange, mutual legal assistance, extradition, asset recovery and joint investigation of corruption cases,” he added.

Corruption in Việt Nam had caused resource losses, reducing the efficiency of public investment, destroying trust of investors, and weakening national competitiveness, Thanh said.

Peru, an APEC member economy, for example, has made great progress in fighting corruption by strengthening international cooperation and participating in global anti-corruption activities, according to a report from Peru’s High-Level Anti-Corruption Commission.

“Corruption is one of the main threats and vulnerabilities that allow the commission of acts of laundering and terrorist financing,” the report said.

Also speaking on the sidelines of the workshop, Denis Kunev, head of the Organisation and Analytics Department at the Investigative Committee from the Russian Federation, said: “We expect stronger commitment and cooperation among the member economies in the Asia Pacific region to fight corruption.”

“The meeting provided an opportunity for member economies to speak about challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in fighting money laundering and recovering assets related to corruption cases,” Kunev told Việt Nam News. “It had a lot of useful information on anti-corruption, which we can use for training investigators in Russia.”

The Network of Anti-Corruption Authorities and Law Enforcement Agencies was established at the 17th APEC Anti-Corruption and Transparency Working Group Meeting in Indonesia in 2013.

The network, whose first meeting was held in China in 2014, aims to enhance informal cross-border cooperation between agencies responsible for investigations and prosecutions of corruption, bribery, money laundering and illicit trade, and the identification and return of the proceeds of those crimes.

The Anti-Corruption and Transparency Working Group’s Pathfinder Dialogue IV was also held on Saturday. Corruption as a driver of illegal logging and the use of anti-corruption activities by customs’ offices dealing with the forest trade were the main topics discussed.

The dialogue will resume on Aug 20, with focus on anti-corruption in wildlife trafficking and ways to detect and disrupt wildlife trafficking using anti-money laundering and asset confiscation techniques, protocols and good practices of effective international cooperation and mutual legal assistance. — VNS


After night in cell, Samsung scion taken for questioning

SEOUL: Handcuffed and tied with white rope, the scion of one of the world’s biggest conglomerates, Samsung Group, was taken on Saturday for questioning by South Korean authorities after spending a night in a small detention cell.

Samsung Group chief Jay Y. Lee was arrested on Friday for his alleged role in a corruption scandal that has led to the impeachment of President Park Geun-hye.

The 48-year-old Lee, who has a net worth of US$6.2 billion, heads the technology giant that is the world’s biggest manufacturer of smartphones, flat-screen televisions and memory chips. Tiếp tục đọc “After night in cell, Samsung scion taken for questioning”

Bê bối tày đình sau những bức tường Vatican

  • 24.11.2015, 10:43

TTCT – Những khoản chi vô cùng lãng phí và gây sốc, những vụ rửa tiền đáng ngờ, cuộc sống xa hoa của những người luôn kêu gọi đời sống thanh cao và giản dị, những âm mưu tống tiền và triệt hạ đối thủ, những thông tin được tuồn ra ngoài để trả thù một ai đó… Hai cuốn sách của các nhà báo điều tra Ý mới phát hành hôm 5-11 đã một lần nữa làm rung chuyển thế giới Công giáo trong bối cảnh Vatican đang làm tất cả để cải thiện hình ảnh của mình.

Bê bối tày đình sau những bức tường Vatican
Nhà báo Ý Gianluigi Nuzzi trong buổi họp báo giới thiệu cuốn sách Via Crucis (bản tiếng Anh có tiêu đề Merchants in the temple – Những con buôn trong ngôi đền) ở Rome ngày 4-11, mô tả sự quản lý lỏng lẻo, lòng tham, nạn bè phái và tham nhũng bên trong Vatican -Reuters

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