Tự do học thuật và an ninh quốc gia

HOA KIM 27/11/2021 18:10 GMT+7

TTCTĐào tạo sinh viên nước ngoài là hoạt động giao lưu nhân dân có ý nghĩa nhưng cũng là mối lo của nhiều cường quốc trước nguy cơ gián điệp kiểu mới.

 Ảnh: CNN

Nhật Bản là quốc gia mới nhất yêu cầu các trường đại học phải xin giấy phép trước khi chuyển giao công nghệ liên quan đến an ninh quốc phòng cho sinh viên quốc tế. Theo tạp chí Nikkei, quy định này áp dụng cho các sinh viên nước ngoài học tập tại Nhật từ 6 tháng trở lên và “chịu ảnh hưởng” từ nước khác, ví dụ như có hơn 25% thu nhập đến từ tài trợ của một chính phủ nước ngoài. Các trường hợp này phải được báo cáo về Bộ Kinh tế, thương mại và công nghiệp (METI) để được cấp phép.

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Putin falsely claims Ukraine invasion ‘in full conformity’ with UN Charter

FACT CHECK: Putin falsely claims Ukraine invasion ‘in full conformity’ with UN Charter

Voice of America – 26-8-2022

Addressing the 10th Moscow Conference on International Security on August 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that his war on Ukraine does not violate the U.N. Charter and was launched to protect the residents of Ukraine’s Donbas region from “genocide.”

“We have taken the decision to conduct a special military operation in Ukraine, a decision which is in full conformity with the Charter of the United Nations. It has been clearly spelled out that the aims of this operation are to ensure the security of Russia and its citizens and protect the residents of Donbas from genocide,” he said.

That statement is false.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine violated not only the U.N. Charter but also international law and even Russian law. Moreover, under international criminal law, the invasion is viewed as a crime of aggression.

40 Years of solitude

40 Years of solitude

Al Jazeera English – 5-2-2014

Filmmaker: Sana El Younoussi

What will become of families stranded in Vietnam since their Moroccan fathers defected from the French army in 1953?

In the 1940s, young Moroccans joined the French army to earn a living and support their families.

In 1953, many were serving in Indo-China when they learned of the exile of King Mohamed V and deserted to join the forces of Ho Chi Minh. Tiếp tục đọc “40 Years of solitude”

The lost tribe: The CIA’s secret army in Laos

The lost tribe: The CIA’s secret army in Laos | REWIND

Al Jazeera English – 24-8-2019

We trace a forgotten Hmong community in the jungles of northern Laos who helped the US during the Vietnam War.

Half a century ago, as war raged in Vietnam, an isolated community in the jungles of northern Laos was recruited by the CIA to help fight the Pathet Lao – the Laotian equivalent of Vietnam’s Viet Cong.

Over 50,000 of the Hmong tribe became part of the United States’s secret army, helping disrupt Communist supply lines along the Ho Chi Minh trail.

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Frankenswine? No, but research on “zombie pigs” raises life-or-death ethics questions


Pigs. Pigs. Credit: or titanium22. CC BY-SA 2.0

It used to be that nothing was certain but death and taxes. Now scientists have taken a step that casts some doubt on the former claim. In a study published Wednesday in Nature, Yale University researchers described a technology for restoring significant organ activity in pigs that had died of a cardiac arrest an hour before. The main goal for the work, they say, will be to improve the harvesting of organs for transplant, but the technique could also potentially be used to revive, for example, drowning victims.

Using a “device similar to a heart-lung machine” and a fluid containing the animals’ blood and a variety of drugs, including anticoagulants, the Yale team was able to observe several signs of restored function in the dead pigs, including heart contraction and some liver and kidney activity. Their hearts were contracting (though not fully beating), their organs were showing signs of metabolism, and genes responsible for cellular repair were active. “These cells are functioning after they should not be,” Nenad Sestan, a Yale University professor and one of the authors of the new study told The Wall Street Journal.

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