For the past 15 years, this man has buried babies from abortion clinics

The former construction worker bought land atop a mountain called Hon Thom in the city of Nha Trang with his savings. Tong began burying the dead babies in this idyllic setting. At first, his wife thought he’d gone crazy, but Tong wouldn’t give up his dream. He’s buried more than 10,000 babies over the years, but what he really wanted to do was save these babies in the first place. He said his graveyard isn’t just a place for sadness, it’s a garden meant to touch women who are feeling uncertain

hefty – Tong Phuoc Phuc from Vietnam has shown the world what true selflessness is: He has saved the lives of more than 100 children over the last 15 years. It all began in 2001 when his own wife was pregnant. He went with her to the hospital and noticed that pregnant women were entering the next room and coming out no longer with child.

Facebook/Tống Phước Phúc Orphanage

It took some time before Tong realized what exactly was going on. The idea that these babies didn’t have a chance to come into this world broke Tong’s heart. So, Tong asked if he could take the aborted children from the hospital so they at least could be given a proper burial in an appropriate place. Tiếp tục đọc “For the past 15 years, this man has buried babies from abortion clinics”

ASEAN Đang Học Cách Chèo Lái Kỷ Nguyên Mới trong Chính Trị Của Cường Quốc

ENGLISH: ASEAN Learning to Navigate a New Age in Great Power Politics

Tác giả: Phuong Nguyen (@PNguyen_DC), Chương trình Đông Nam Á (@SoutheastAsiaDC), CSIS

Kết thúc hội nghị ASEAN-Trung Quốc mới đây tại Côn Minh, Trung Quốc hôm 13 tháng 6, Bắc Kinh gây sức ép lên một vài thành viên của ASEAN thân Trung Quốc nhằm khiến các nước này rút lại sự ủng hộ của họ đối với thông cáo báo chí chung của ASEAN về việc thể hiện “những quan ngại sâu sắc” đối với những diễn biến gần đây trên biển Nam Trung Quốc (South China Sea). Sự việc này làm dấy lên những câu hỏi cốt lõi về khả năng đồng thuận của tổ chức này trước những thử thách đặt ra bởi những diễn biến chiến lược mới của khu vực.
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Dragon fruit brings farmers sweet success

VNN – Update: June, 05/2016 – 09:00

The day’s haul: A local farmer loads dragon fruit to sell at markets. VNA/VNS Photo Đình Huệ

Around 20 years ago, farmers in Long An Province’s Châu Thành District began to grow dragon fruit instead of paddy, which did not yield much profit. The fruit, now grown on almost 90 per cent of the land, has brought about a miraculous economic transformation, Văn Đạt discovers. Tiếp tục đọc “Dragon fruit brings farmers sweet success”

Vietnamese female soldiers to join forces with U.N. peacekeepers

EVE – By Ngan Giang   July 7, 2016 | 08:48 pm GMT+7

Vietnamese female soldiers to join forces with U.N. peacekeepers
UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon with Vietnamese peacekeepers during his visit to Vietnam on May, 2015. Photo by VnExpress

The country supports U.N.’s notion on gender balance within the peacekeeping forces.

Vietnam will send two of its female military officers to join the U.N. Peacekeeping Forces, in support of the U.N.’s agenda in improving gender balance among soldiers engaged in peacekeeping operations.

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