Cross-border smuggling bogs down Vietnam’s sugar industry

Sugar contraband illicitly brought into Vietnam from Thailand is increasing, adding an additional burden to the country’s struggling sugarcane enterprises:


MAY 24, 2022
Cross-border smuggling bogs down Vietnam’s sugar industry
Cross-border smuggling of sugar into Vietnam is muddying the sector and could support other illicit trafficking and trade. Artwork: Emilie Languedoc for Southeast Asia Globe

On any given day, smugglers pile bags of sugar near the banks of the Mekong River in Cambodia. 

After piling it into boats, they then ferry the sweetener into Vietnam’s southwestern provinces, awaited by motorbike drivers who evade custom officials to drop off the commodity at storehouses. 

In other cases, smuggling outfits mix the illicit sweetener with sugar produced in Vietnam, or change labels to prevent detection of the bootlegged good. Smugglers have also been known to send Vietnamese packaging to Cambodia to disguise sugar before the contraband is taken across the border. 

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Map used in Cambodia-Vietnam border delineation same as one kept by France: official

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Updated : 09/04/2015 17:27 GMT + 7

The map the Cambodian government is using to demarcate its border with Vietnam is identical with the one it has borrowed from France for comparison, said Chairman of the Cambodian Border Affairs Committee Var Kim Hong.

Chairman Hong released the confirmation on Thursday after verifying the maps in Phnom Penh, according to the Vietnam News Agency. Tiếp tục đọc “Map used in Cambodia-Vietnam border delineation same as one kept by France: official”