India’s ‘neutrality’ on the Ukraine conflict could hurt it in the long run

New Delhi has been silent on Russia’s actions in Ukraine so far.

thediplomat – By Sudha Ramachandran – February 25, 2022

India’s ‘Neutrality’ on the Ukraine Conflict Could Hurt It in the Long Run
India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Russian President Vladirmir Putin during the summit in New Delhi, India on December 6, 2021.Credit: Facebook/ Ministry of External Affairs, India

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24 has put India in a particularly difficult spot. Since the conflict between Moscow and the U.S. over Ukraine began escalating late last year, India has avoided taking sides. But with Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, that cautious approach will become increasingly untenable for New Delhi. It could hurt India’s interests in the long-run.

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