Tiny, family-run newspaper wins Pulitzer Prize for taking on big business

poynter_If you know Art Cullen, it’s not exactly a surprise to learn his initial words upon watching the livestream of the Pulitzer announcements and learning he’d won for editorial writing.

“Holy shit,” he yelled out to his brother, John, the publisher of the family-run, 10-person Storm Lake (Iowa) Times.

The only surprise was that there wasn’t a longer string of un-family-like adjectives or adverbs.

Big-paper editorial writers, perhaps laboring in well-appointed individual offices in relative urban splendor, be apprised: Writing editorials is merely one of a multiple daily duties of Art Cullen, Monday’s Pulitzer Prize winner for editorial writing.

Sitting in an office he calls a “gray metal wreck,” he’s de facto city editor, part-time reporter and editorial writer at the twice-weekly, 3,000-circulation Storm Lake, Iowa Times. Tiếp tục đọc “Tiny, family-run newspaper wins Pulitzer Prize for taking on big business”

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09:20 AM – 19/04/2016 TNO