EU leaders seek escape route from Russian fossil fuels, weigh energy investment plan with Reuters

 10 Mar 2022

Europe’s energy independence from Russia, including in its financial aspects, will be a key topic of discussion at a two-day summit in Versailles hosted by the French EU presidency. [France Diplomatie – MEAE]

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European Union leaders will tackle ways to wean themselves off Russian fossil fuels on Thursday (10 March) and debate how quickly to ditch their key supplier, with countries split over whether to sanction oil and gas imports as Moscow wages war in Ukraine.

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The War in Ukraine Is Transforming the EU

Dave Keating Thursday, March 10, 2022 worldpoliticsreview

The European Union’s 27 leaders are in Versailles today for a summit that could prove to be historic. They are expected to sign the “Versailles Declaration,” intended to formalize the far-reaching but ad hoc policy changes the EU has implemented in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which is now entering its third week. The measures under discussion would strengthen the union’s existing military, economic and border control capabilities, while also giving the bloc new powers in those areas that will push it further down the path toward federalism.

The symbolism of the decision to sign the declaration at the Palace of Versailles—where the Versailles Treaty, another pivotal document that proved central to the remaking of Europe after World War I, was signed in 1919—is not lost on anyone. In 1919, Europe’s leaders got it very wrong. Will they get it right this time? It’s very hard to say, since nobody knows what the world that emerges after the war in Ukraine will look like.

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Tiếng nói chung của thế giới về Biển Đông

Biên Phòng – Thanh Trúc 26/09/2021 – 14:13

Mới đây, Mỹ và Australia đã tiến hành cuộc tham vấn thường niên theo cơ chế “2+2” lần thứ 31, trong đó nhấn mạnh tới những quan ngại về Biển Đông, cũng như đề cao việc thượng tôn luật pháp quốc tế, bao gồm Công ước Liên hợp quốc về Luật Biển năm 1982 (UNCLOS).

(Từ trái qua phải) Bộ trưởng Quốc phòng Australia Peter Dutton, Ngoại trưởng Australia Marise Payne, Ngoại trưởng Mỹ Anthony Blinken, Bộ trưởng Quốc phòng Mỹ Lloyd Austin trong cuộc gặp tại Thủ đô Washington, Mỹ trong tuần trước. Ảnh: REUTERS

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EU Strategy for Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

SOTEU BannerOn 19 April 2021, the Council adopted conclusions on an EU Strategy for cooperation in the Indo-Pacific [1]. As a follow-up to the Council conclusions, the Commission and the High Representative presented a Joint Communication on the EU’s Indo-Pacific Strategy on 16 September 2021.

Why an EU Strategy for cooperation in the Indo-Pacific?

The Indo-Pacific region is increasingly becoming strategically important for the EU. The region’s growing economic, demographic, and political weight makes it a key player in shaping the international order and in addressing global challenges.

The EU and the Indo-Pacific are highly interconnected. The EU is already the top investor, the leading development cooperation partner and one of the biggest trading partners in the Indo-Pacific region. Together, the Indo-Pacific and Europe hold over 70% of the global trade in goods and services, as well as over 60% of foreign direct investment flows.

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Joint Communication to the EU Parliament and Council, by the EU Commission and the High Representative of EU Foreign Affairs and Policy, on Strategy for Cooperation in the Indo Pacific

The Commission and the High Representative invite the European Parliament and the Council to endorse the approach set out in this Joint Communication and to work together on the implementation of its actions and their review.

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Google fine launches new era in privacy enforcement


The search giant is the first big tech company to feel the full brunt of GDPR enforcement. It won’t be the last.

Google has been hammered with a massive fine by France’s CNIL data watchdog | Leon Neal/Getty Images

Eight months after Europe imposed sweeping new privacy rules, France has opened a new chapter in data protection — one of sanctions, fines and tough enforcement. Tiếp tục đọc “Google fine launches new era in privacy enforcement”

The art of the free trade agreement

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The Hindu | June 07, 2017

The art of the free trade agreement

Prabhash Ranjan

A European Court of Justice ruling will have bearing on India-EU pacts

During their recent meeting in Germany, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed on the need to resume India-European Union (EU) free trade agreement (FTA) talks. These negotiations, covering trade, investment protection and intellectual property, have remained deadlocked since 2013. Tiếp tục đọc “The art of the free trade agreement”

The Climate – Justice – Cooperation Nexus: 10 Cornerstones of the Great Transformation towards Sustainability


The challenge of our generation: Avert dangerous global warming – invest in social cohesion and wellbeing of people – build local, national, and transnational alliances for transformative change towards sustainability

1. We can reach the goals of the Paris Agreement – but ambitious action is needed now! Climate change is a threat to humanity. Irreversible Earth systems changes need to be avoided. This is a civilisational challenge which requires unprecedented joint action around the globe. We are under huge time pressure. Global CO2 emissions must decline to zero by mid-century in order to achieve the ambitious Paris goal, aimed at stabilising the global mean temperature well below 2 degrees C, and if possible at 1.5 degrees C. This translates into a stylised “carbon law”, whereby emissions must be halved every decade in analogy to the Moore’s law of semiconductors. We have the resources and the technology to achieve this, but do we have the political will and the resolve? Recent developments, such as the declaration by the US President to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, can be interpreted as a major setback. At the same time, they may inspire counter-movements, strengthening the determination to vigorously combat climate change. In particular, OECD countries and emerging economies should make commitments within the G 20 and within their national policies to ensure the achievement of global decarbonisation by the middle of the century. Tiếp tục đọc “The Climate – Justice – Cooperation Nexus: 10 Cornerstones of the Great Transformation towards Sustainability”

Ministry takes action in response to EU’s warning of IUU fishing


Update: December, 04/2017 – 09:00

A processing line of frozen shrimp for exports. — VNA/VNS Photo Danh Lam
Viet Nam News HÀ NỘI — The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has approved a plan to implement urgent solutions in response to the European Union’s (EU’s) warning about illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing.

Many solutions have been devised according to the EU’s recommendations. They include aligning the legal framework with regional and international regulations, implementing effectively the amended legal regulations for IUU fishing, and implementing effectively the international regulations and management measures through strict punishment. Tiếp tục đọc “Ministry takes action in response to EU’s warning of IUU fishing”

HSBC accused of breaking EU sanctions rules by co-financing Vietnam coal plant

HSBC might be breaking European Union rules on working with Russian banks by funding a new 1,200 megawatt coal-fired power station in Vietnam. The bank, which recently announced a US$100 billion fund to fight climate change, denies this.

 eco-business_HSBC, one of the world’s largest financial services groups, may have broken European Union (EU) sanctions regulations by working with a Russian bank on the financing of a new coal-fired power plant in Vietnam, according to an investigation by Market Forces, an environmental group that campaigns against the funding of fossil fuel power projects.

The London-based global banking giant is the lead arranger and global coordinator for the financing of LongPhu1, a 1,200 megawatt coal-fired power station that is also being funded by Russian development bank Vnesheconombank. Tiếp tục đọc “HSBC accused of breaking EU sanctions rules by co-financing Vietnam coal plant”

What will Vietnam’s seafood industry do if it receives yellow card from the EU?

 Last update 08:00 | 11/10/2017
VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam has been warned that it will receive a yellow card if it doesn’t implement EU demands on fighting IUU (illegal, unreported and unregulated) fishing.vietnam economy, business news, vn news, vietnamnet bridge, english news, Vietnam news, news Vietnam, vietnamnet news, vn news, Vietnam net news, Vietnam latest news, Vietnam breaking news, EU, VASEP. IUU
Ngo Viet Hoai, deputy general director of Ba Ria – Vung Tau Seafood Processing & Import/Export Company, said if the EU gives a yellow card warning, 100 percent of seafood containers to be exported to the EU will be subject to inspection in terms of fishing sources. Tiếp tục đọc “What will Vietnam’s seafood industry do if it receives yellow card from the EU?”

Cambodia tells US to back off after charging opposition leader


The prosecution of Cambodian opposition leader Kem Sokha is a message from Prime Minister Hun Sen’s government for the United States, one that says “stop interfering with Cambodia’s internal affairs”.

File photo of Cambodia’s Kem Sokha when he talked exclusively to Channel NewsAsia about living in self-exile, his protest plans and whether he would be PM. (Photo: Jack Board)

“We’re not a slave but, like them, an independent country. We want to stand on our own feet. We don’t need someone to tell us to do this or do that,” said Cambodian government spokesperson Phay Siphan. Tiếp tục đọc “Cambodia tells US to back off after charging opposition leader”

US, EU investors still hesitant: experts

Last update 15:00 | 23/08/2017

Unresolved issues in Vietnam’s regulations and the business environment have resulted in relatively low FDI inflows from US and European multinational companies, experts say.

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According to the Foreign Investment Agency (FIA) under the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI), as of July 2017, US companies had invested US$9.3 billion in Vietnam and the major EU nations of France and Germany registering US$2.8 billion and US$1.6 billion, respectively.

The US stands at number nine on the list of countries and territories investing in Vietnam, way behind the number 1 investor, the Republic of Korea, at US$55.3 billion, or Japan at number 2 with US$46.5 billion and Singapore at number 3 with US$41.6 billion. Tiếp tục đọc “US, EU investors still hesitant: experts”

Ngành cá tra muốn lập quỹ ứng phó sự cố truyền thông ở châu Âu

Trung Chánh Thứ Sáu,  23/6/2017, 17:16 (GMT+7) 
Nhân công chế biến cá tra xuất khẩu tại một doanh nghiệp. Ảnh: Trung Chánh

(TBKTSG Online) – Liên quan đến sự cố truyền thông bôi nhọ ngành cá tra ở thị trường Liên minh châu Âu (EU) xảy ra hồi đầu năm nay, 20 doanh nghiệp dẫn đầu về xuất khẩu cá tra trong nước đã quyết định thành lập “quỹ phát triển thị trường” để ứng phó với sự cố này…

Thông tin nêu trên được đưa ra tại hội nghị “Triển khai Nghị định 55/201/NĐ-CP và bàn giải pháp phát triển bền vững ngành hàng cá tra” được tổ chức hôm nay (23-6-2017) tại tỉnh Tiền Giang. Tiếp tục đọc “Ngành cá tra muốn lập quỹ ứng phó sự cố truyền thông ở châu Âu”

EU prolongs sanctions on Iran over human rights violations

BRUSSELS: The European Union on Tuesday extended until April 2018 sanctions against Iran for “serious human rights violations”, a narrower measure than restrictions the bloc had already lifted after an international accord on Tehran’s nuclear programme.

The EU has pursued rapprochement with Iran since the 2015 nuclear deal, which reversed a decade of hard-hitting Western financial and trade sanctions against the Islamic Republic. Top EU officials have been shuttling in and out of Tehran since, often accompanied by large European business delegations. Tiếp tục đọc “EU prolongs sanctions on Iran over human rights violations”