Innocence of Vietnam’s mountainous children

Last update 10:30 | 03/06/2017

Despite the lack of material possessions, children in the northwest highlands region remain innocent with the friendliest of eyes and equally pleasant big bright positive optimistic smile on their face.

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Children play spinning top game Tiếp tục đọc “Innocence of Vietnam’s mountainous children”

Giant mushroom-shaped houses in Y Ty – Y Tý rực rỡ sắc màu trong mùa đổ nước

Last update 09:00 | 20/04/2017
 Giant mushroom-shaped houses in Y Ty

VietNamNet Bridge – Located in Bat Xat district in Lao Cai province, and covered by clouds throughout the year, Y Ti is one of the most remote communes in Northern Vietnam. 

Although it has been suffering a harsh weather, it possesses irresistibly amazing natural beauty that is must-see on your Vietnam tour.

Coming to this place you can enjoy the awesome mountains, clouds in the valley, and wonderful terraces as well as special houses of local people.

If you want to see the scenes of cloud-filled valleys and terraced fields rising to heights of 1,500 meters, you should not skip the poorest commune. Tiếp tục đọc “Giant mushroom-shaped houses in Y Ty – Y Tý rực rỡ sắc màu trong mùa đổ nước”

Preserving statue sculpting in Central Highlands

Last update 19:39 | 07/05/2017

Being well-known as a grave statue–carving artisan and wooden statue–maker, artisan A Doan in Dac Ha Commune, Tu Mo Rong District in the Central Highlands Province of Kon Tum, has greatly contributed to preserving this unique art, promoting the culture of the Central Highlands.

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Artisan A Doan and his set of wooden statues reproducing the activities of a family

Keeping values

Artisan A Doan worries about the future of many aspects of the culture of ethnic minority groups including Bana, Giarai, Ede and Mnong. He said, “I’m always afraid of the disappearance of the cultural beauties of the Central Highlands people”. Tiếp tục đọc “Preserving statue sculpting in Central Highlands”

Discover Sin Ho – The second Sapa

Last update 12:12 | 28/03/2017

Sin Ho district in Lai Chau province has attracted more tourists in recent years thanks to its unspoiled nature and the diverse cultures of local ethnic minorities.

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Sin Ho district is 60 km west of Lai Chau city. Its north borders China’s Yunnan province and its south neighbors Tua Chua district, while Phong Tho and Muong Te district are in east and west of Sin Ho.

Visitors from Lai Chau township have to go through forests and caves and cross streams to reach to Sin Ho. The district is also accessible from Dien Bien city.

On both routes, visitors all find unspoiled natural beauty and rugged mountain terrain.

Sin Ho district is at the highest point of Lai Chau province. In the local language, Sin Ho means “place of many streams”. Tiếp tục đọc “Discover Sin Ho – The second Sapa”