Lessons from Texas Freeze: 5 Ways to Strengthen US Energy Resilience


Even as people are suffering through the harshest winter storm Texas has seen in decades, the reasons for the state’s devastating power grid failure have become a political battleground. While vulnerable people freeze in their homes, pundits snipe about whether wind turbines are to blame. Tiếp tục đọc “Lessons from Texas Freeze: 5 Ways to Strengthen US Energy Resilience”

The History of Electrification

Edison Tech Center

The power grid started with long distance transmission and soon led to interconnected systems, these are some of the landmark early power generation sites.
List of important early power sites
Sites by geography (interactive maps)

The power grid as we know it began with isolated power generation systems across the world starting in the 1870s. The growth and unification of the systems into an interconnected AC power ‘grid’ helped raise the quality of life of people from all classes.

Direct Current Beginnings:

DC power systems dominated in the 1870’s and 1880s. “Small” systems were sold to factories around the world, both in urban areas, and remote undeveloped areas for industrial/mining use. Thomas Edison, Charles Brush, and Werner von Siemenslead the industry in DC systems. DC systems powered factories and small downtown areas but did not reach 95% of residents. Electric lighting was a luxury found only in hotels and other businesses as well as in the mansions of people like George Westinghouse and J.P. Morgan. Tiếp tục đọc “The History of Electrification”

Milestones in the development the power system in Vietnam


  • Construction of the first 35 kV power line in the North

In January 1958, the first 35 kV power line (Hanoi – Pho Noi) was built and in the third quarter of the same year was inaugurated and successfully energized. This was a remarkable milestone in the development of the Vietnam power network.

  • Construction of the first large scale thermal power plant in the North

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How Southeast Asia is innovating with smart grid technology

IOTI_Nations in the Asian region are using a unique approach to smart grid technology to keep up with dizzying growth.

Brian Buntz | Nov 14, 2017

When asked to come up with a list of innovative industries, you would probably be unlikely to put the utility sector near the top. There is, of course, the quiet innovation of utilities modernizing their grid, experimenting with smart grid technology and moving to clean energy, but most utilities don’t embrace the agile experimentation of startups. The regulated nature of the industry and the conservative nature of many public utilities commissions just don’t reward that kind of behavior. 
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