No-trafficking: UNIAP Vietnam

UNIAP Vietnam

Who is being trafficked in Vietnam?

Human trafficking affects women, men and children in Vietnam. Trafficked persons experience various difficulties ranging from physical and mental health issues, to economic and social reintegration issues.

There are various vulnerability factors to human trafficking and usually no single factor brings about the vulnerability of a person. Women and girls are considered more vulnerable to trafficking than men due to unequal gender relations and social and economic power , but it is important to recognize the agency both women and men exert in the migration process and the special needs of children in making that decision.

There is an increasing demand for virgins and children in prostitution , due to such factors as the threat of HIV/AIDS.

Vietnam is also increasingly a destination for child sex tourism with perpetrators coming from various countries. Tiếp tục đọc “No-trafficking: UNIAP Vietnam”