Đắk Nông: Cả trăm công trình cấp nước sinh hoạt tập trung ‘đắp chiếu’

(TN&MT) – Từ nhiều năm trở lại đây, câu chuyện các công trình cấp nước sinh hoạt tập trung tại các vùng sâu, vùng xa, vùng đồng bào dân tộc thiểu số trên địa bàn tỉnh Đắk Nông không phát huy hiệu quả đã được các cơ quan thông tấn, báo chí từ địa phương đến Trung ương đưa tin phản ánh. Tuy nhiên, đến thời điểm này vẫn còn rất nhiều công trình được đầu tư tiền tỷ nhưng đã sớm hư hỏng, không thể sử dụng được.

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Công trình cung cấp nước sạch thường xuyên bị hư hỏng được người dân phản ánh

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How many people can share a toilet?

An Introduction to Shared Sanitation

Rachel Cardone

Martin Gambrill

How many people can share a toilet? This question might sound like the start of a joke but it’s actually a serious issue for many across the world. That’s because an estimated 20 percent of the global population do not have their own toilets.

In urban areas, almost one person in ten uses a shared household toilet, i.e., a toilet shared with at least one neighboring household. But sometimes no one in the neighborhood owns a private toilet, so some of these families instead have no choice but to use community toilets – that are locally available and used by anyone who lives nearby. In such cases, hundreds of people might be using the same block of community toilets. Now let’s think about the other toilets we all use – when we’re out shopping or running errands, when we’re at work or school, or when we’re in transit. These public toilets might be used by hundreds or thousands of different people at different times of day. Continue reading “How many people can share a toilet?”

Quang Nam residents desperate for non-contaminated water

Last update 16:45 | 17/03/2018

Thousands of households in central Quang Nam Province have been thirsting for clean water for years as most of the wells are seriously contaminated with aluminum and few water supply works have been built to solve the problem.

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A resident’s filter tank central Quảng Nam Province’s Đại Minh Commune is full of dirt and smells due to alum contaminated water. – Photo baoquangnam.vn

Even when a water supply centre was built and put into operation, it only supplied a small number of households and provided an unstable water source.

In Đại Lộc District’s Đại Minh Commune, as many as 115 households have been living with seriously aluminum-contaminated water for years. Continue reading “Quang Nam residents desperate for non-contaminated water”