The Ancient Pottery Village of Thanh Ha

Last update 10:44 | 15/01/2018

Thanh Ha villagers living on the banks of the Thu Bon River in the city of Hoi An, Quang Nam province have kept their traditional practice of making pottery by hand.

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Some ​look-alike pottery animals made by Thanh Ha villagers. ​The village have kept its traditional practice of making pottery by hand for five centuries. Continue reading “The Ancient Pottery Village of Thanh Ha”

Banh mi Hoi An among world’s Top 10 sandwiches

Last update 09:00 | 09/12/2017

Banh mi Hoi An (Hoi An-style bread rolls) has been listed among the world’s Top 10 sandwiches by Austrian travel website Traveller, together with well-known American cheeseburgers, English bacon butties, and Japanese Katsu Sando.

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Vietnam is the spiritual home of porky goodness and you haven’t eaten a Vietnamese pork roll until you’ve eaten one in the town of Hoi An, according to Traveller. Continue reading “Banh mi Hoi An among world’s Top 10 sandwiches”

Rain, waves and rising seas erode Hội An beaches

vietnamnews Update: November, 17/2017 – 09:00

A beach resort building in Hội An is eroded by sea water. — VNS Photo Công Thành
Viet Nam News HỘI AN — Nearly 70 per cent of a newly grown protective forest and a large area of Cửa Đại Beach have been washed away by large waves, intense rains and a higher sea level since last year.

Head of the city’s natural resources and environment office Nguyễn Văn Hiền told Việt Nam News last week that 3ha out of 4.35ha of casuarinas forest have completely eroded, while waves are still smashing into a sea dyke system of Vinpearl Hội An Resort and Villas. Continue reading “Rain, waves and rising seas erode Hội An beaches”

Tours offer glimpse of Hoi An countryside

Last update 09:00 | 07/11/2017

VietNamNet Bridge – On the tourist routes of central Viet Nam, Hoi An ancient town offers a change of pace from the normal hustle and bustle of cities. The small town boasts mossy old churches, temples and wooden houses dotted along small lanes shadowed with green and flowery climbing vines.

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Drifting: Riding a coracle is among the most popular activities.

While many visitors stroll the ancient town, enjoy local cuisine and purchase souvenirs, they may miss out on seeing life in the traquil villages in the area, where locals plant vegetables and fish. Thanks to a crop of local tour companies, tourists may participate in homestays to join villagers in their work. Continue reading “Tours offer glimpse of Hoi An countryside”

Hội An offers great art galleries

Update: November, 05/2017 – 09:00
Viet Nam NewsThe ancient town of Hội An showcases a convergence of antique traditional architectural styles. It was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999 and attracts legions of tourists every year. This romantic town’s beauty and history make it an inspiring destination for artists and art-lovers alike — and it’s just a 45-minute drive from the APEC events in Đà Nẵng.

Let’s take a look at some art galleries in town: Continue reading “Hội An offers great art galleries”

Central Vietnam hubs work to ‘revive’ dying river


It is hoped that in the near future, tourists will be able to cruise along the watercourse that runs from Da Nang City directly to the ancient town of Hoi AnBy Tuoi Tre News

August 17,2017, 17:15 GMT+7

Central Vietnam hubs work to ‘revive’ dying river
The Co Co River, with Ngu Hanh Son Mountain Cluster, one of central Da Nang City’s icons, in the background. Photo: Tuoi Tre
The administrations of Da Nang City and neighboring Quang Nam Province have been making efforts to rejuvenate a ‘dead’ river which will serve as a ‘bridge’ to promote the two cities’ ecotourism.Over the past few years, authorities in Da Nang City and Quang Nam Province, home to the UNESCO-recognized Hoi An Ancient Town, have both agreed to give priority to the ‘revival’ of the Co Co River. Continue reading “Central Vietnam hubs work to ‘revive’ dying river”

The most nostalgic coffee shops in Hoi An

Last update 15:53 | 04/07/2017

Phai Pho, LE Fê Cafétéria, Hoi An Bread Break and Cocobox are known as nice places for groups, couples or anyone who like savouring a cup of coffee and indulging themselves in a nostalgic space full of items that date back decades.

most nostalgic coffee shops in hoi an hinh 1
Phai Pho is located on Phan Chu Trinh St. in the centre of Hoi An City. Visitors have a chance to watch passers-by and enjoy coffee. Continue reading “The most nostalgic coffee shops in Hoi An”

Hon Kho – wonderful peaceful island getaway spot

Last update 14:29 | 21/03/2017

Hon Kho is one of the Cham Islands (Cù lao Chàm), a cluster of islets located near the city of Hoi An in Quang Nam Province.

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The Cham Islands are recognised as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.


hon kho–wonderful peaceful island getaway spot hinh 2
The Cham Islands collectively are comprised of eight separate islets that have a combined population of 3,000.

hon kho–wonderful peaceful island getaway spot hinh 3
The island of Hon Kho is an historical and cultural relic treasure chest.

hon kho–wonderful peaceful island getaway spot hinh 4
Architecture structures of the Viet and Cham peoples here date back hundreds of years.

hon kho–wonderful peaceful island getaway spot hinh 5
The island is attractive to visitors thanks to year-round cool weather and its diverse flora and fauna.

hon kho–wonderful peaceful island getaway spot hinh 6
The coral reefs in the marine area of the island have received world acclaim and are listed in the World Red Book of Endangered Species.

hon kho–wonderful peaceful island getaway spot hinh 7
Many visitors come here to relax, go snorkelling, discover the life of local people and enjoy the unspoilt beauty of the island.

hon kho–wonderful peaceful island getaway spot hinh 8
To keep the environment green and clean, the local inhabitants of Hon Kho have gotten together to protect the island.

hon kho–wonderful peaceful island getaway spot hinh 9
They know that if they don’t protect the island it will ruin not only the coral reefs but their livelihoods.

hon kho–wonderful peaceful island getaway spot hinh 10
Therefore, leaders of the island of Hon Khosay they are determined to protect the environment.

hon kho–wonderful peaceful island getaway spot hinh 11

hon kho–wonderful peaceful island getaway spot hinh 12

hon kho–wonderful peaceful island getaway spot hinh 13

hon kho–wonderful peaceful island getaway spot hinh 14

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Vietnam – Asia silk festival to take place in Hoi An

Last update 10:44 | 17/05/2017

The Vietnam – Asia silk culture festival is scheduled to run in Hoi An silk village in the central province of Quang Nam between June 11 and 14.

The event aims at promoting and preserving the value of traditional silk villages across Vietnam, including Van Phuc (Hanoi), Hoi An and Ma Chau (Quang Nam), and Bao Loc (the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong), among others.

It will also connect craftsmen with potential business partners from Japan, India, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Europe. Continue reading “Vietnam – Asia silk festival to take place in Hoi An”

Ancient city celebrates the 10th millionth tourists


Update: May, 12/2017 – 17:00
Kids join a painting in the old quarter of Hội An city. — VNS Photo Công Thành
HỘI AN — The ancient town of Hội An celebrated the arrival of its 10 millionth tourist at the old quarter’s Japanese Bridge today.The city’s culture and sports centre said Hội An hosted 1.6 million tourists last year, a 34.14 per cent increase from 2015.

Earlier this year, the UNESCO-recognised world heritage site was voted among the best 25 destinations in the world by travel website TripAdvisor. Continue reading “Ancient city celebrates the 10th millionth tourists”

Hoi An makes it on top 25 best destinations

Last update 09:49 | 10/05/2017

About 30 km south of central Da Nang City, Hoi An is a well-preserved example of the important Southeast Asian trading port it was from the 15th-19th centuries.

According to TripAdvisor, Hoi An is an attractive destination for both domestic and foreign visitors.

The co-existence of indigenous customs and habits and those imported by foreign settlers creates a distinctive look which lures visitors to the ancient town.

Ideal weather and sun-drenched beaches are also bonus points for the town.

Yet, TripAdvisor recommends the locality to improve accommodation infrastructure to meet the continuously rising demand of visitors.


New product papers over an old tradition


Update: April, 16/2017 – 09:00

Soft light: A lantern made with nipa palm paper.VNS Photo Công Thành

Young entrepreneurs have come up with a creative way to have visitors to Hoi An City take part of its famous nipa palm forest home as souvenirs, Hoai Nam reports

Trương Tấn Thọ, 39, earns a living making traditional paper.

Apart from the famous (poonah) paper, his firm in Hoi An City, called Giấy Việt (Vietnamese paper), also makes paper from the pulp of bamboo and mulberry trees.

A few years ago, Thọ hit up on the idea of using the stems of the nipa palm (called water coconut in Viet Nam), found in profusion in the area, to make paper and paper products, using the know-how he had acquired in making traditional paper with local materials. Continue reading “New product papers over an old tradition”