Khát vọng ‘ốc đảo’ Phan Thanh

NN Phan Thanh, Tân Lập là hai xã phía Nam của huyện Lục Yên, một vùng đất sầm uất bên dòng sông Chảy, khi thủy điện Thác Bà hoàn thành nơi đây trở thành ‘ốc đảo’…

Con đường Tân Lập - Phan Thanh được người dân góp tiền mở rộng các khúc cua. Ảnh: Thái Sinh.
Con đường Tân Lập – Phan Thanh được người dân góp tiền mở rộng các khúc cua. Ảnh: Thái Sinh.

Trong ký ức của nhiều người trước khi nhà máy thủy điện Thác Bà chưa được xây dựng, dòng sông Chảy trở thành tuyến giao thông huyết mạch nối các tỉnh Phú Thọ, Tuyên Quang, Yên Bái, Lào Cai. Hai anh em Vũ Văn Uyên, Vũ Văn Mật đã chọn vùng đất ven sông Chảy lập đại bản doanh chống lại quan lại địa phương hà hiếp dân chúng, sau đó mở rộng sang tận Tuyên Quang, Lào Cai đào thành đắp lũy giúp vua Lê Anh Tông và Lê Trang Tông chống lại nhà Mạc, được phong là Gia quốc công, hay còn gọi là Chúa Bầu. Phần lớn những thành quách đã trở thành phế tích hay chìm dưới lòng hồ Thác Bà.

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The rise and rise of a Vietnamese corporate empire

Vingroup’s founder Pham Nhat Vuong


Vingroup makes everything from smartphones to schools. But civil activists fear its growing clout

Financial Times – John Reed JUNE 27 2019

Several weeks ago, I travelled east from Hanoi, through industrial estates and rice paddies, to the port of Haiphong in northern Vietnam. My driver took me over a causeway to Cat Hai Island, where something big is taking shape: the building of Vietnam’s first “national car” brand, VinFast. 

In what will eventually be a $3.5bn project, Vietnam’s largest private company, Vingroup, controlled by the country’s richest man, Pham Nhat Vuong, has built an integrated production plant on top of piles driven into the soil and on land reclaimed from the sea. A robot-filled state-of-the-art factory was constructed in about 21 months — a turnround so swift that, when I opened Google Maps to check our location, the app thought I was standing offshore in the Gulf of Tonkin.

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How to make biomedical research (and biosafety labs) less dangerous and more ethical, post-COVID-19

By Laura H. Kahn | June 8, 2021

A biosafety level 4 lab. Researchers wearing positive pressure personnel suits at a US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases biosafety level 4 lab. Credit: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Our luck has run out. The worst pandemic in a century has killed over 3.7 million people globally. In the United States, almost 600,000 have lost their lives to COVID-19. Societies around the world have been, and many are continuing to be, devastated.

The debate regarding the origins of the virus continues with growing circumstantial evidence that the virus leaked from a laboratory. Knowing the origins of SARS-CoV-2 is important if we want to prevent this catastrophe from happening again.

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Class Reflection Activities to Close Out a Tough Year

After a challenging year of pandemic schooling, these activities help students reflect on what they’ve learned and look forward to what’s coming next.By Hoa P. NguyenJune 4, 2021

Was this school year “The Bestest, Most Funnest and Absolutely Wonderfulest School Year Ever” or “The Baddest, Most Awfulest, Absolutely Worstest School Year Ever?” Fourth graders at Nebo Elementary School in North Carolina are still deciding, says their reading teacher, Lori Brenneise.

Tasked with writing a five-paragraph, humorous essay about the epic last year, Brenneise’s students have come up with different reasons why they picked one answer over the other. For some, “every day is pajamas day” or “noisily slurping cereal through the first block, sleeping through second, and noisily slurping ramen through third” were the highlights of their year. For others, the year brought challenges like messing up a class recording by unmuting and shouting “CHICKEN WINGS!” or getting kicked out of Google Meet and having unsupervised time. The whole class may never forget when they all unmuted at once, screaming and scaring a student who was sleeping through a lesson.

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