Challenges facing Vietnam’s innovation ecosystem

Vietnam’s Innovation Ecosystem 2019 report

Startups in Vietnam have great potential to grow, however, the community also faces a number of challenges. Most local startups are small in scale, at seed stage, have limited ability to make a breakthrough, and are in need of further incubation. Some of the prominent challenges currently faced by startups in Vietnam are:

Ability to access finance: In 2016, the major financial sources of domestic investors came from three major venture capital firms: IDG Ventures Vietnam, Cyber Agent, and DFJ VinaCapital. Altogether, they invested over US$120 million in funding and consulting for several brands.

However, it is hard to convince local investors to take risks and invest in early-stage startups. More often than not, those startups have to bootstrap at the beginning. While early-stage startups may rely heavily on funding from angel investors, this type of investor is new to the scene and has not had much impact in the community to date Tiếp tục đọc “Challenges facing Vietnam’s innovation ecosystem”

Analysis: Floating solar power along the dammed-up Mekong River 

Analysis by  on 3 December 2019

  • This year, the first floating solar power generating system in Southeast Asia was deployed on a reservoir in Vietnam.
  • Floating solar power systems are being written into the energy master plans of Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines as well as Vietnam, and into the calculations of investment banks.
  • The technology presents an alternative to additional hydroelectric power projects.

For two decades or more, alarms have been sounding for the Mekong Delta. It’s being hammered by climate change, by a proliferation of upstream dams, by unsustainable and inappropriate farming practices, by greed and political expediency. The punishment the delta’s taking has been well reported, first in scholarly papers, then in specialized publications and appeals by NGOs.

Now there’s a consensus: an environmental disaster is inexorably unfolding over 75,000 square kilometers (29,000 square miles) of famously fertile lowlands in Vietnam and Cambodia, home to some 35 million farmers and fishermen. Major media are publishing melancholy obituaries for the Mekong that once was.
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