Những Luật mà người hành nghề mại dâm thực sự muốn có

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Vietnam’s sex industry and the sticky subject of legalizing it

Vietnam's sex industry and the sticky subject of legalizing it

A sex worker looks for customers at a public park in downtown Hanoi, as shown in a file photo by AFP.

‘Sex workers should have the right to make a living, contribute to society, and enjoy welfare in terms of healthcare and education.’

Vietnamese officials have expressed their concerns about the complicated nature of recognizing prostitution as a job.

Despite being illegal in Vietnam, prostitutes can still be found all over the country’s biggest cities, and the rackets controlling them have come up with countless ways to dodge the law with authorities seemingly helpless to stop the industry’s unchecked development.

Data may vary, but figures from the International Labor Organization (ILO) suggest that there are nearly 101,300 sex workers, including 72,000 women, in Vietnam.

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Will Vietnam Legalize Prostitution?

thediplomat – It was past midnight and Ngo Thi Mong Linh had already gone to sleep when her cellphone suddenly rang. Linh knew all too well what to anticipate from the other end.

“A sex worker was urging me to come to rescue her,” Linh recalled in an interview. “Her client robbed her of all her money after severely beating her up. When I was there, all she could do was embrace me and burst into tears.” Tiếp tục đọc “Will Vietnam Legalize Prostitution?”