Germany claims success for elite universities drive

Report praises US$5-billion scheme for making leading universities more competitive — but some smaller institutions have done just as well.

04 September 2015 Article tools

Heike Zappe/ Humboldt University

Humboldt University in Berlin, one of the ‘elite’ institutions favoured by Germany’s Excellence Initiative.

Nature – For a decade, Germany’s government has tried to explode the myth that all the country’s universities are equal. In 2006, it launched an 11-year, €4.6-billion (US$5-billion) programme that aimed to make the best German universities more competitive with the likes of Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard. The campaign, called the Excellence Initiative, led to 14 institutions gaining the common — although unofficial — label of ‘elite’. Tiếp tục đọc “Germany claims success for elite universities drive”