Menstruating girls banned from crossing Ghana river

BBC 11 January 2018″ data-timestamp-inserted=”true”>11 January 2018
Image caption Girls living near Kyekyewerein (not pictured) are affected by the ban

Ghanaian schoolgirls have been banned from crossing a river while they are menstruating – and on Tuesdays.

The ban, apparently given by a local river god, has outraged children’s activists, especially as girls must cross the river to reach school.

It means girls in the Upper Denkyira East district, in the Central Region, could miss out on their education.

Sub-Saharan Africa is already struggling to keep girls in school during their periods. Tiếp tục đọc “Menstruating girls banned from crossing Ghana river”

Sri Lanka probes ‘longest saree’ wedding for using kids


A Sri Lankan couple walk along a road as the bride attempted to set a record for the longest wedding saree extending 3.2 kilometres in the central district of Kandy (Photo: AFP/STR)

COLOMBO: A Sri Lankan couple is under investigation for deploying hundreds of school children to carry the train of the bride’s saree during a wedding ceremony, authorities said Friday (Sep 22).

About 250 students of a state-owned school carried the train of the 3.2km long saree worn by the bride as she and the groom walked down a main road in the central district of Kandy on Thursday, local media reported. Another 100 students served as flower girls at the wedding. Tiếp tục đọc “Sri Lanka probes ‘longest saree’ wedding for using kids”

Finland is really good at stopping bullying. Here’s how they’re doing it.

Then you walk around the corner and see this:

A student being pushed into some lockers.

Photo from iStock.

What would you do?

Unfortunately, this is a pretty common scene.

About a fourth to a third of all students report that they’ve been bullied in school. Tiếp tục đọc “Finland is really good at stopping bullying. Here’s how they’re doing it.”

If you see it, you can stop it

UNICEF_For International Youth Day, UNICEF has released the results of a new global poll of more than 100,000 young people from more than 14 countries that shows two-thirds of young people have been bullied.

We asked Yeshna, a 18 year old blogger living Mauritius to write a reflection on the results and share her thoughts on bullying and why it continues to affect children in every region of the world.

Nerd. Loser. Ugly. Fake. Lame. Fat. Stupid. Worthless. Weak. Hopeless. Pathetic. If these words that so many use appeared on our skin, would we still feel ‘beautiful’? Tiếp tục đọc “If you see it, you can stop it”